How to get started


Start with a Free Consultation

Assess your fitness. Set some goals. Determine your path.


Introductory Session ($100 deposit)

After your consult, your introductory session with be arranged with a coach. Your introductory session will require a $100 deposit. You will forfeit this deposit if you do not show.

We will walk you through a overview of our program philosophy and how we do things at Reason. This is the first step in creating long term success.

  • One Hour Private Session (Worth $100)

  • Goal Setting ($100 value)


On-Ramp Options

Required for all new members joining Reason



Includes both group membership and personal training sessions


Group membership options

All group memberships include Unlimited Classes. With this plan, attend class as often as possible. Consistency is the key to Your Success.



One Year Prepaid - $1800 (Limit 20 annually, save $948)

*No freeze/pausing - prepaid one time.



  • Drop in for a Day - $30 (T-shirt included on first drop in)

  • Drop in for a Week - $70 (T-shirt included on first drop in)

  • Drop in for 30 days - $300 (T-shirt included)



ideal if you have a varying schedule

Expires in 60 days

  • 5 Classes - $120

  • 10 Classes - $200