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Weekly Accessory, Skill & Volume Extra Work

Weekly Accessory, Skill & Volume Extra Work

Snatch Pull + Snatch 12x1 EMOM

Athletes who have an established 1RM snatch should start at 75%. Athletes who do not have an established 1RM should begin with a load, which allows crisp, snappy reps with no chance of missing, and plenty of room to add load.
Add load after no fewer than two, no more than four good lifts. Do not touch-and-go between the pull and the snatch.


8:00 Max Muscle-Ups


Athletes who can perform muscle-ups at all should do so, even if their volume will be relatively low. Encourage athletes to work in very submaximal sets from the beginning, so they don't blow out.
Athletes who cannot yet perform muscle-ups should substitute rounds of 5 strict pullups + 5 strict ring dips, or 5 ring rows + 5 pushups.
Advanced athletes should scale up to strict muscle-ups.


Assault Bike 40 minutes @ 6 + 75/60 Calorie Surges

@ 10:00, 20:00, and 30:00, Bike 75/60 Calories @ 9

Over the course of each 10 minute set, you should be gradually building your pace to a near maximal effort at the allotted time. Then cool down/recover as you enter the next segment, and start building your pace again.


EMOM 20, alternating:
a) 0:40 Prowler, Sled, or Plate Push, light and fast
b) 0:40 Double Unders

Push: Weight should be something the athlete can move at a fast pace for the duration. Force production should never become the limiting factor.
Double Under: As long as athlete can perform double unders, allow them to do so, even if their intensity will drop a bit. Scale movement to single unders.

Thursday 10.6.16

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30-20-10 Wall Ball 20/14#

90-60-30 Double Unders

CAP 10

Tuesday 10.4.16

Hang Snatch 2RM, then 90x2x2 

5 Rounds for Total Reps:

1:00 Muscle Snatch, 75/55#

1:00 OHS

1:00 Burpees

1:00 Rest


Monday 10.3.16

Deadlift 8RM 

4 Rounds:

Run 400m

25 Sit Ups

15 Deadlifts 225/155#

Team Series Week 2 is this Saturday @ 9AM, ALL are welcome!

Friday 9/30/16

Pause Bench Press 8RM, then 90%x8x3 EMOM 10, Alternating 5 Bar Muscle Up 5 Power Snatch 135/95#

Thursday 9/29/16

Free Choice/Make-upUse this time: a) to make up for another day’s workout (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday); b) to do some GOAT work (improve on weaknesses such as Olympic lifts, double-unders, or handstands); c) for strength training; d) for endurance training like running/rowing; e) or all of the above!

Wednesday 9/28/16

Stiff Legged Deadlift 8RM 90%x8x2 For Time: 150 Double Unders 35 Strict HSPU 150 Double Unders CAP 14

Alpha EMOM 20, alternating: 10 Unilateral DB rows, left 15-20 Hollow Rocks 10 Unilateral DB rows, right 15-20 superman extension w/ pause @ top

Tuesday 9/27/16

Hang Snatch 3RM, then 90x3x2 "Jackie" 1000 meter row 45 pound Thruster, 50 reps 30 pull-ups

Alpha Low Hang Clean 3RM, then 90x3x3

Monday 9/26/16

Pause Back Squat 8RM, then 90%x8x3 For Time: 21-15-9 Wall Ball 20/14# KBS 70/53# Box Jump 24/20#

Alpha/Extra: Run 3 miles – Progression Mile 1 @ 5 RPE Mile 2 @ 7 RPE Mile 3 @ 8-9 RPE

Saturday 9/24/16

AMRAP 1512-8-6 Clean 105/70# Alternate: 9-6-3 Bar Facing Burpees

Perform 12/9, 9/6, 6/3 then start over at 12/9

Alpha/Extra: Pause Front Squat 7-7-7-7