We often get calls from potential new SFCF athletes who are interested in CrossFit but are concerned that group-style exercise classes just aren’t for them. These calls most often come from men who (I think) have images of 80s-style step aerobics or jumping around on a mini-tramp with Britney Spears “Toxic” playing in the background. I try to re-assure them that a CrossFit-style group class bears no resemblance to the typical group exercise class at a regular gym, that working out in a group helps athletes push themselves harder, etc. and then I suggest that they come try it out to see what I mean. These same athletes almost universally report that, while they never envisioned themselves working out in a group (much less liking it), they have a complete shift on this idea when they come to a CrossFit class.

“Airport Annie” *50*40*30*20*10* Double-unders Sit-ups *Suitcase carry to California Ave. and back, beginning and ending every round.

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