No Weightlifting this Saturday Join us for Beach Day afterwards, and bring your friends! @ Huntington Beach. Ask a coach for contact info.

9AM Class

In groups sharing bars, build up to a Clean max, then 90%x4 CAP 20:00, if you miss twice at a given weight, Move down on sets.

In teams of 3, Conga line:

Buy in: Deadlift Teammates TOTAL BWx20 in tonnage. For Example 3 people weighing 200 lbs would deadlift 12,000# in tonnage as a team. They can use any combination of weights possible. For example, 12,000/225# = 53 reps as a team.

21 Deadlifts 225/155# (Per person) 100 Burpees (Team Total) 15 Hang Power Clean 155/105# (Per Person) 75 Burpees (Team Total) 9 Shoulders to OH 135/95# (Per Person) 50 Burpees (Team Total)