As we begin the year in 2015. I would like to begin with a announcement regarding some changes to our programming. As our community grows and develops, we are constantly finding ways to improve the member experience and training quality. What does that mean?

In 2015, we will moving towards goal-based programming. People come into Reason with different goals and abilities. Our group classes are designed to meet those needs. Although the program is not as specific as private/individualized coaching, we feel our group classes will allow for our members to choose from 2 different tracks:

"Fitness" - the Basics. These workouts are designed to promote your health and fitness. You will be exposed to a wide variety of movements with focus on proper mechanics. The workouts are scalable and can also be made more difficult.. In simple terms, the "Fitness" program is perfect for anyone looking to be strong and lean long term.

"Performance Plus" - Intermediate/Advanced. These workouts are designed with a bit more complexity than our "Fitness" program. With the P+ programming, we will be looking to push the boundaries of human performance. It assumes that the athlete has conquered a particular level of movement ability and is ready for more complex movement and intensity. This programming will also be geared towards our athletes that partake in CrossFit as a sport.

Cheers to new beginnings!