From the constantly varied programming to the strong community surrounding her, she feels challenged everyday in a way she never has been before. The "traditional gym" setting was not sustainable and challenging enough to keep her on track.

Prior to CrossFit, I was in a slump and had gained 30 pounds. In 2012 I lost 50 pounds doing Weight Watchers and working out at my local gym every day I had off work. Then last year, I met my amazing boyfriend and slowly gained 30 over the year. Unmotivated and sick of the same workouts at the gym, I decided to try something I always wanted to.

I've been doing CrossFit for almost 2 months; I started because I always wanted to. I was always interested in it, being that I've always been athletic and strong, just out of shape. I thought I would be good at it. I wanted a different workout and something that would motivate me and kick my ass. I knew that I would be pushed and I was ready to be challenged.

My favorite workout would have to be anything AMRAP. I like the fast paced and intensity of it. And I'm always surprised at my endurance. I always doubt that I will even finish and am so excited when I do even more than I thought I could. My least favorite workout is box jumps. But I think that's just the fear talking.

My diet is Paleo. I just started it 3 1/2 weeks ago and I love it. My fav Paleo meal is turkey sloppy joe sweet potato. Soo yummy. My favorite cheat meal would have to be a huge sushi feast. All of the sushi. Or In & Out. I used to emotionally binge eat; triggered by boredom, stress, anger would cause me to eat fast food, processed junk food and alcohol.

My biggest "wow" moment so far had to be on my very first class WOD. It was a tough one and I was convinced I wouldn't finish. And I did. Also, seeing how far my body has come doing certain exercises. For example burpees. When I first started I couldn't even do 10 without a rest or dying. Now I can do them a lot better. Yay! In the beginning I did not think I would not be getting enough cardio. I thought I was going to be strictly doing weightlifting and need to go to LA Fitness afterwards and run to get my cardio in. Now I know I get everything I need in one single workout.

[CrossFit] has affected my life in many ways. I'm more energetic, happier, in a better mood. I also sleep better, and I'm more confident and secure with myself due to the results I've gotten. I feel like I’m mentally stronger because I’ve exceeded what I’m capable of.

I would just let people know that [CrossFit]'s very beneficial. Everyone is very nice and helpful and motivating. All the coaches are extremely knowledgeable when teaching or coaching and are there every step of the way. It's a great workout family and you have nothing to lose. Except inches!!

My future goals in CrossFit are to become the strongest and most capable I can be. I want a strong, lean body and to be as healthy as I can. I want to do a pull-up, no scaling, completely on my own.