Happy Birthday Karen !

Fitness & Open

“Power Ranger”
15 Power Cleans, 600m Run
10 Power Cleans, 400m Run
5 Power Cleans, 200m Run

Rx - 155/105; CAP 13

Aerobic Capacity
Preferably completed on the rower, with the ski erg being our second preference. Assault Bike would be last, given our biking yesterday in the conditioning.

10 Sets:
:45s - Work*
:45s - Rest

*In the working phase, the first :15s is a light pace. The second :15s is moderate. The third, is our fastest. Referred to as "flying sprints", this is an acceleration over time, broken up by thirds.
Not for score or tracked data, but for quality effort. On the final :15 fast paces, aim to move closer and closer to a full sprint, which is something we do not commonly train.



Power Clean Complex
Clean Primer:
5 Sets:
1 Hang Clean High Pull
1 Low-Hang Power Clean

"On the 1:30" x 5:
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Power Clean

Optional: Swim
Warm - 150m Easy

Main Set (short-moderate intervals):
Every 2:30 x 10 Rounds:
100m Swim
Cool - 150m Easy

Record the fastest and slowest 100's of the day. Score will be our slowest 100m for the day, but let's capture our fastest as well for comparison.