“Bel Air”
40 Double-Unders
20 Dumbbell Hang CJ 50/35#
40 Double-Unders
20/15 Calorie Row

Qualifier: 70/53#


Strict HSPU
12 Sets for Time:
30% of Max Strict HSPU

Primer A: Pausing Jerk Drive
5 Sets:
3 Pausing Jerk Drives
Percentages based off estimated 1RM Jerk:
Set #1 - 65%
Set #2 - 70%
Set #3+4+5 - 75%

Push Jerk
5 Sets of 2:

Pausing Push Jerk

1s Pause in Dip, and Catch

Followed by…

5 Sets of 1:

Push Jerk

On the first part, we have 5x2 pausing push jerks. In this movement, we have (2) pauses - in the dip, and in the catch. With a single second at each position, this is a chance to confirm our movement. The first pause is in the same position as our jerk drives from before… quarter squat. Our second pause is in the same quarter squat, as we receive the bar overhead. This affords us a chance to ensure that our butt is not only back on the dip/drive, but when the barbell is locked out overhead.


Set #1 - 50%

Set #2 - 55%

Sets #3+4+5 - 60%

Odd Object
5 Rounds:
100m Run
100 Meter Sandbag Run (70/50)
100m Run
Rest 1:00 between efforts.

30 Min Swim