Lucky 7’s
5 Rounds:
7 DB Clusters 70/50#
7 Bar Muscle-Ups

5 Rounds:
7 DB Clusters 50/35#
12 Chest to Bar Pull Up


Barbell COND:
5 Rounds:
5 Deadlifts (70%)
8 Bench Press (70%)

--- Part #1 ---
3 sets:
25m Freestyle
25m Side Stroke (left side lead)
25m Side Stroke (right side lead)
25m Freestyle

Rest 1:00 between efforts, aiming to build in our 25m freestyle in each round. The 25m side stroke distances are intended to be at a recovery pace. Rest 3:00 after final round.

--- Part #2 ---
3 x 150m Freestyle
Rest 2:00 between efforts.

A total of six lengths in a 25m pool (or three "down and backs"), our aim here is consistency. Record these three times to the tracker below. Our score for the day is our slowest of the three.

--- Part #3 ---
1 x 300m recovery pace effort. Not for time, and a chance to fine tune trouble areas we found in our earlier intervals. Rest as needed between lengths - this does not need to be completed in single effort, as this is technique time.