I don't own a purse. 

Okay, I lied, I do. I own two purses. But one of them is probably accumulating dust mites in my closet and the other might be lying neglected under mounds of other unused stuff in the trunk of my car. They're pretty much useless.

I live life with my backpack. 

As a Crossfit girl, this bag is just more functional. It's easier to hike and run with, withstands the test of time and dirt (3 years including a GoRuck, a Tough Mudder, 3+ Spartan races, and a multitude of trips to the beach), and it holds all my stuff.

What stuff, you ask? 

A bunch of the typical stuff you'd carry in a purse, of course. Or is it typical? You tell me:

  • wallet

  • keys

  • pens...and a Sharpie

  • chapstick

  • make-up (e.g. an eyeliner pencil or two lying around in there, not my cosmetics collection in its entirety)

  • hair ties

  • brush (my hair gets messy easily if I leave it down, and hair is put up in a hair tie best with a brush)

  • nail clippers

  • hand sanitizer

  • eyedrops

  • extra contact lenses

  • my 13" Macbook Pro (which I keep in the padded laptop sleeve, darn straight purses don't have those)

And then of course, the real stuff I use at the gym.

  • I come to Reason straight from work, so I pack workout clothes in - a tri-blend (you can't go wrong with tri-blend) shirt or tank top, Lululemon Free to Be Wild sports bra (best of the best), Under Armour spandex (if you grow up playing volleyball you live in booty shorts), and SOCKS when I remember them. I always forget them, which is the worst.

  • Wrist wraps found a home in my backpack for quite a while because they don't take that much space. I have some sweet black-and-mint colored ones. Good for protecting your wrists during overhead barbell stuff and also looking like a gladiator.

  • My jump rope is great on-the-go. Why? If you ever get bored somewhere or stuck in line at Disneyland you can just whip it out and practice double-unders. Just make sure you don't give anyone standing close to you lash marks, the ones all our shins have. 

  • My father-in-law gave Tim and I this WOD Welder Handcare Kit. It contains hand salve and hand butter that are super soothing for wrecked palms/fingers. Any lotion will do, really, I just try to pamper my grip as much as I can - wherever I am - so that I prevent those nightmare tears.

  • I love my mini blender bottle. It's half the size of a regular Blender Bottle, but fits a lot better in my backpack. I'm not always drinking protein out of it; in fact, 95% of the time I'm drinking water. Regardless, it serves its purpose faithfully.

  • Every so often, I'll bring along the trusty portable PowerDot. Electronic Muscle Stimulation anytime, anywhere? Yuss please. I've used it on my sore shoulders on the LA Metro before, and it was great! Not to mention, I drew a lot of stares and attention to my twitching shoulder.

Okay, this is starting to look like a product ad. I promise you, it's not. It's all stuff that I've found useful for working out. So while useful, there really isn't a need to throw money away on a million different items to fill up your backpack, especially if it doesn't cater to your specific needs as an athlete. Keep it simple. 

There's is one thing you can't go without for that you should take wherever you go, though - gym or not, bag or not - and that's your Reason. What moves you. Because without it, all these other stuff up there is useless, just like my purses.  

- Coach B