Tuesday 6.18.19

3 Rounds
400m run
21 KBS 50/35#
12 Pull Ups

Big Helen
3 Rounds:
600 Meter Run
21 KBS 70/53#
7 Ring Muscle-Ups


Max Effort Strict HSPU
If we are not able to complete 3 strict handstand pushups, it is in our best interest to spend some time growing strength in the range of motion.

Two options for completion:
Dumbbell Strict Presses
Barbell Half Presses

Dumbbell Strict Presses - With a range of motion from shoulders to overhead, the freely moving bells are far more demanding than the barbell. Choose a loading that allows for at least 8-10 repetitions, and go as far as we can from there. We're aiming to be in the 8-15 repetition rep range.

Barbell Half Presses - Using a barbell, the range of motion is from forehead level (just above the eyes) to lockout overhead. This trains the specific range of motion of the handstand pushup. Same aim as the dumbbell strict presses - let's choose a weight that allows for at least 8-10 repetitions, with the aim being that we want to be in the 8-15 rep range.

HS Walk Con
5 Rounds, resting 1:00 between sets:
500 Meter Ski Erg
50' Handstand Walk

Recovery Bike
10:00 Effort
Mins 1+2 - Light
Mins 3+4 - Moderate
Mins 5+6 - Moderate/Fast
Mins 7+8 - Moderate
Mins 9+10 - Light

Monday 6.17.19

On the first day of our cycle, we completed a wave series that finished with 3 reps at 80%. Today, we are building to a 3-Rep Heavy. Rest as needed between sets, with a recommended wave build.

3 Reps @ 70%, 1 Rep @ 75%
3 Reps @ 75%, 1 Rep @ 80%
3 Reps @ 80%, 1 Rep @ 85%

Following our single at 85%, let's make a judgement call from here. At this point, we have touched a good range of weights, and we may be drawing close to our attempt. If we would like to climb a bit higher, we can absolutely do so for another single. Give ourselves 2-3:00 rest, and let's make our attempt.
3RM Back Squat


“Escape from Wonderland”
2 Rounds:
150 Double-Unders
50 Thrusters (45/35)
35/25 Calorie Row

Rest 2:00, into...

For Time:
30 DBall Cleans (150/100)

Tabata GHD Sit-Ups
Rest 1:00
Tabata Hip Extensions

Saturday 6.15.19

“Money Bags”
Teams of 3, with a 30:00 Time Cap:

For Time:
800m Sandbag Run
75 Box Jump Overs
50 Power Clean and Jerks
15 Rope Climbs
50 Power Clean and Jerks
75 Box Jump Overs
800m Sandbag Run

Sanbag - 70/50#
Barbell - 155/105#
Box - 24"/20"


Gymnastics Con
3 Rounds:

30 Alternating Pistols

30' Handstand Walk O-Course (forward)

7 Kipping Paralette HSPU (14/8" deficit)

30' Handstand Walk O-Course (forward)

Gymnastics + C&J

On the 2:00 x 5 Rounds:

1 Rope Climb (15')

30 Double-Unders

2 Squat Clean and Jerks

Set #1 - 60%

Set #2 - 65%

Sets #3+4+5 - Build to a heavy set of 2 for the day.

Friday 6.14.19

“Rush Hour”
On the 4:00 x 5 Rounds:
12/9 Calorie Assault Bike
9 Barbell-Facing Burpees
6 Power Snatches

Open Barbell - 155/105#
Fitness Barbell - 135/95# or 55% 1RM Snatch

2 Rounds, Not for Score:
300m Slower (2K + 18s)
300m Moderate (2K + 10s)
300m Fast (2K + 2s)

Second iteration, building on last week. Increasing our speed by 2s on each interval. 2K + "X" is in relation to our /500m split during our best 2K Row.


Pegboard Con
For Time:
2 Peg Board Climbs
30 Single Dumbbell OHS (50/35)
2 Peg Board Climbs
24 Single Dumbbell OHS (70/50)
2 Peg Board Climbs
18 Single Dumbbell OHS (100/70)

On the dumbbell overhead squats, athlete's choice on breaking these reps apart. Barring any significant limitation however, for purposes of training, we want to split this down the middle (15 each, 12 each, 9 each, respectively).

Pausing Snatch Pull
5 Sets of 2
Pause (2) seconds at knee level.

Set #1 - 80%
Set #2 - 85%
Set #3+4+5 - 90%
Rest as needed between sets.

Power Snatch Complex
On the 1:30 x 7 Sets:
1 Snatch Pull
1 Low Hang Power Snatch

Set #1 - 65%
Set #2 - 70%
Sets #3-7 (5 Sets) - Build to a heavy for the day.

Thursday 6.13.19

A mid-line based active recovery session today.

Calorie Row
GHD Sit-Ups
Ski Erg
Pausing Hip Extensions

On the pausing hip extensions, pause for a full one second at the top of each. Not for time, but for a quality recovery effort.

In full, this is a higher volume piece on the GHD sit-ups which do have a tendency to leave athletes sore on the movement. With a total count of 84 repetitions, two modifications to reduce the volume/impact:

A) Alternate rounds a AbMat Sit-Ups (first round as GHD, second round as abmat)
B) Omit the round of 21 repetitions (start on 18's)

--- Upper Body ---
1. Puppy Pose - 1:00
2. Shoulder to Floor - 1:00/each
3. Wrist Stretches - 1:00


--- Lower Body ---
1. Couch Stretch - 2:00/each
2. Pigeon Pose - 2:00/each
3. Butterfly - 1:30
4. Pike - 1:00
5. Straddle - 1:00

6. Kneeling Split - 1:00

Wednesday 6.12.19

On the 2:00 x 6 Sets:
3 Thrusters (from the ground)

Set #1 - 60% of 1RM Clean and Jerk
Set #2 - 64%
Set #3 - 68%
Sets #4+5+6 - Build to a Heavy Set of 3.

“Chest Hair”
For Time:
25 Thrusters 95/65#
400 Meter Run
25 CTB Pull-Ups
400 Meter Run
25 Thrusters (95/65)

“Chest Hair”
For Time:
21 Thrusters (135/95)
400 Meter Run
21 Bar Muscle-Ups
400 Meter Run
21 Thrusters (135/95)

CAP 10


HSPU Strict
12 Sets for Time:
40% of Max Strict HSPU

Body Armor
Barbell Bench Press

After each set:
12 Lateral Box Step-Ups (6 each leg)
12 Waiter Squats (6 each leg)

Recovery Bike + Body Armor
5 Sets, Not for Time:
15 Calorie Slow
15 Calorie Fast

1:00 L-Sit, 100m Sandbag Carry
:45s L-Sit, 75m Sandbag Carry
:30s L-Sit, 50m Sandbag Carry

5 Sets, Not for Time:
15 Calorie Slow
15 Calorie Fast

Sandbag - 150/100#

Tuesday 6.11.19

“Reason Large”
On the 0:00…
3K Row (Sub 5k AB)

On the 15:00…
21 Burpee Box Jump
5 Wall Walks
15 Burpee Box Jump
5 Wall Walks
9 Burpee Box Jump
5 Wall Walks

Box - 24"/20"

On the 0:00…
3K Row (Sub 5k AB)

On the 15:00…
21 DB Burpee Box Step-Overs
50' Handstand Walk
15 DB Burpee Box Step-Overs
50' Handstand Walk
9 DB Burpee Box Step-Overs
50' Handstand Walk

Dumbbells - 2 x 50's/35's
Box - 24"/20"

CAP 25


Deficit Deadlifts
6 Sets of 2
Deficit - 3"

On today's deadlifts, we are pulling from a deficit. Standing on plates is the aim today, challenging our position off the floor. In regards to percentage, is it our aim to stay on the lighter side if this is a newer movement to us. On all repetitions, let's set the bar back to the floor (avoid touch and go).

We are looking to start in the 50-55% range, and finish in the area of 65-70%. On the moderate side, with a focus on sound positioning. Record all six sets to the tracker below.

Odd Object Con
3 Rounds, Not for Time:
100m Farmers Carry
200m Sled Drag
Rest 2:00 between.

Swim Con
Warming Set:
150m Easy Pace

Main Set, for total time:
2 x 200m, resting 1:00 between.
3 x 150m, resting :45s between.
4 x 100m, resting :30s between.
8 x 50m, resting :15s between.

Recovery Finish:
150m Easy Pace

Monday 6.10.19

Happy birthday Priscilla!

Snatch Primer

2 x 5:00 sections, building to technique-focused loads. Inside each section, aim for 3-4 sets, resting as needed between. Purpose here is to better our movement, preparing for what's next.

From the 0:00-5:00:

2 Snatch-Grip Push Jerks

1 Pausing Overhead Squat

From the 5:00-10:00:

1 Hang Snatch Pull

1 Hang Snatch High Pull

1 Hang Squat Snatch

1 Snatch Balance

Hang Squat Snatch
In a 10:00 Window starting immediately after the last part (10:00-20:00 on the clock):

3 Sets of 1:
Hang Squat Snatch

Building to a heavy for the day. Athletes can take this repetition from the high hang (pockets) or knee-level. This is purely to get a rough picture of where we are inside the movement, looking ahead towards our next cycle. Record all three heavy singles to the tracker below.

“High Heels”
8 Rounds for Time:
8 Hang Squat Snatches 95/65#
30 Double-Unders


Back Squat
On the Minute x 9:
1 Pausing Back Squat
1 Back Squat

Sets #1+2+3 - 60%
Sets #4+5+6 - 66%
Sets #7+8+9 - 72%

Purposefully placing our squats post-conditioning as we keep the loading on the lighter side. On the pausing squat, pause for a 2-count before standing. No pause on the second squat.

Gymnastic Con
For Time:
50 GHD Sit-Ups, 10 Ring Muscle-Ups
40 GHD Sit-Ups, 8 Ring Muscle-Ups
30 GHD Sit-Ups, 6 Ring Muscle-Ups
20 GHD Sit-Ups, 4 Ring Muscle-Ups
10 GHD Sit-Ups, 2 Ring Muscle-Ups

Odd Object Con
5 Rounds, resting exactly 1:00 between efforts:
100m Wreckbag Run 70/50#
200m Run

Record all five scores, with the intention being that we push our pace significantly, but *not* to max effort. With a single minute of rest between, the rest will move quickly. Let's use this final piece today as a means to practice and refine our running pace to be faster than what we hold traditionally in conditioning pieces.

Consistency over absolute speed today. Slowest round will be our score for the day.

Saturday 6.8.19

Power Snatch
5 Sets of 1:
Set #1 - 74% of 1RM Power Snatch
Set #2 - 77%
Sets #3+4+5 - 80%

Aiming for three heavy singles today, limited to 80%. Record all five power snatch singles to the tracker below.

“Gut Check”
Teams of 3, with a 25:00 Time Cap:
200/140 Calorie Assault Bike
... Directly into:

3 Rounds:
50 Toes to Bar
50 Box Jump Overs (24"/20")
50 Power Snatches*

Round 1 Barbell - 95/65
Round 2 Barbell - 115/85
Round 3 Barbell - 135/95

Friday 6.7.19

Fitness & Open
For Time:
40 Kipping Handstand Pushups
20 Ring Muscle-Ups
10 Rounds of "Macho Man"
1 Round of "Macho Man":
3 Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats + 3 Jerks

Rx - 185/135#


Body Armor
3 "Giant" Sets:
10 Horizontal Barbell Rows
Max Ring Pushups
25 GHD Sit-Ups
Rest 2:00 between sets.

Aerobic Capacity
2 Rounds, Not for Score:
300m Slower (2K + 20s)
300m Moderate (2K + 12s)
300m Fast (2K + 4s)
2K + "X" is in relation to our /500m split during our best 2K Row.

There is no rest between rounds - we roll directly into the second. In full, this is a 1,800m recovery based row. Empahsis on the word "recovery"… let's get some good effort in here, but this is meant to be more of a recovery, than a capacity building, finisher.

The "2K + "X" is in relation to our personal /500m splits on our best 2K row. As an example, if an athlete has a best 2K row at 8:00 total, their /500m splits on that effort would average out to 2:00.

300m Slower = 2:00+20s = 2:20
300m Moderate = 2:00+12s = 2:12
300m Fast = 2:00+4s = 2:04