Group On-Ramp (CrossFit Lite)

What is CF Lite? (4-week cycle, 8 classes total)

A CrossFit Lite workout has the same principles as a regular CrossFit class (constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement) except that the focus is mainly on technique and involves scaled down weights. This class is a great introduction to a regular CrossFit workout – it’ll just be a little lighter. It’s also a great opportunity to “on-ramp” over a longer period of time. The sessions will be offered twice a week for four weeks. Please enroll before the start of a cycle.

Upon graduation of this course, participants will be allowed to enter into regular CrossFit classes.  Please make sure you are in attendance for every class. If not, you will be asked to make up the class with a coach in a one-on-one setting (a$25 fee is charged for make-up sessions).

When are CF Lite Classes?

Our next CrossFit Lite cycle begins on September 6, 2016. Classes will be held twice a week at 6:30PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Class sizes are kept smaller for more attention. Please book before the first class. All other athletes who sign up for CrossFit Lite after September 1st will be put on the wait list for next cycle.


For more information on our “101 On Ramp”, click here. Please contact us ahead of time for open space and availability. Space is limited.

Join CrossFit Lite for only $250

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